About us

About us

We strongly believe that we can change the world by speaking the right words at the right time! We can change the state of a person with a look, with a smile, with a gesture, but above all with a few words and why not, with a hug. We go ahead with this belief and paint with passion and with great love traditional motifs and/or patterns, unique illustrations, ideas, special words.

The story Made with Joy in Transylvania was born on a summer day, over a lemonade, in a garden in Transylvania, more precisely in Șara Făgăraşului. Together with my mother, we started to pencil some simple models of clothing items, which we cut and later painted. Each piece of clothing is unique. We are very attentive to the requirements of our customers and we want to choose for them natural materials, on which the illustrations made by us will last for a long time and above all express the personality of the person who wears them.

This is the beginning of the story of the 'Made with Joy in Transylvania' brand. We have implemented from the beginning the concept of 'express yourself through art and wear it', by incorporating some words into an illustration, into a drawing, which expresses what each of us decides to wear and defines the personal image of each one. Our clothes come to life through the details and characteristics of the future owner, so the result is always authentic and special.

In a world where you can find anything, anywhere, there are few details that make the difference when you want to wear something that defines you completely, or when you want to give an authentic, perfect gift for your loved ones. We listen to your wishes and take care of you, we are here to create and handcraft unique gifts for you.

Let's continue the story together!