Delicate flowers custom painted dress

Cost transport: 20 Lei. Gratuit pentru comenzi de peste 400 Lei. Livrare in 1-2 zile.

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Hand painted product

Unique personalized gift ladies dress Delicate flowers, expresses delicacy and unconditional beauty. You will feel the caress of some rays of sunshine every time you wear it and enjoy the beauty and splendor of summer in this light and perfect dress for the warm season.

Shine with the sun's rays and let yourself be engulfed by the freshness and delicacy of this dress. Stand out with the unique and simplistic design and show your natural beauty without prejudice and barriers.

If you are looking for unique and original gift ideas for women, this dress is an ideal ladies gift idea.

Dress lengths are adjustable.
Buttons can be changed, depending on preference.


The dresses aremadefrom100% cotton.

Our products are hand painted by gifted and highly talented hands, they are UNIQUE and produced in limited series. These can be customized upon request according to the model, colors and ideas of the customer, but you can also choose from the models already displayed on the website/Facebook/Instagram page.
In addition, if you have a shirt, t-shirt, blouse, etc. favorite that you want to customize, you can send it to us and we will paint it.
98% of the products are hand paintedwithout preset templates or other copy tools etc. Thus, each model is unique and can be customized according to the client's preferences, ideas, inspiration.

The dyes we use are special dyes for the highest quality fabrics. The colors are fixed thermally with an iron, but a special fixative is also used. Painted products are preferably hand washed to preserve their color intensity. If there are stains on the product, apply the solution locally, rinse well and then wash the product completely. Hanger drying is recommended.

Water temperature: 30 degrees.

Ironing: Do not put the iron directly on the painted side. Iron only on the inside of the product or put baking paper on the painted side and the iron over the baking paper.

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Catalina P

Această rochită este piesa de rezistență a garderobei mele. Recomand!